Munk Duane has the ability of creating a personality with his instrumentals. Oozing with character, each of his tracks have an intense amount of care, fascination and some amount of experimentation. With several gripping tracks under his belt, he has his latest release out now, Just a Word.

The bassline is exquisite. It is living, breathing and pulsating with the energy this track needs. The flowing chords seem to flow beside it, almost with a salute or sense of respect. Munk Duane brings his vocals in with care, not to disturb the biosphere created by the instrumentals. There is a bit of funk, pop and maybe a dash of jazz in this cocktail as well. As the connoisseur, Duane creates spatial pockets that show their face in phases, creating the necessary vibe for this track. It is slick, stylish and shines with the intensity of a enveloped, perfect sphere. The harmonics that come in don’t force, rather they pull back when necessary. The silence punctuates the solid space between the verse and chorus. It is an emotional, well crafted sculpture of notes, and Munk Duane should be proud of what he has put forward.

You might know him from his track Dangerous, and Sweet Tooth. Forever trying another page, another chapter-this artist is broadening his horizons. There is a mix or R&B and the sensibilities of pop that he has blended so effortlessly, that it stays homogenous. He has also been a guest lecturer at Berklee, and has licensed his music to several TV shows. There is an edge to his music that brings out all the flavour. Listen to his single here: