Neo-Soul and R&B at its best, Munk Duane has just released his new single, Myths. Hailing from Boston, the producer, film composer and recording artist channels his inspirations like Prince, Curtis Mayfield, and Stevie Wonder, and invokes their appeal to make commentaries on all things human. He has an impressive reputation of having licensed hundreds of film productions and won many awards for his work.

Like gentle rain, the song serenades us with reviving dollops of melodies and vibrant textures. Acoustic guitar strings swish into the song like an autumn breeze. Its porous texture muffles its sound and softens the melody. A loose beat structure sets the tempo as the baritone vocals follow the rhythm of the guitar.

With a vermillion flourish, the vocals deliver the transfixing chorus. The artist employs harmonies and double vocals to magnify the thematic effect of the song. Bass beats and granules of echoing synths dance through the track and marries the chorus and second verse. Emotive and impactful, the vocal buildups are beyond beautiful.

The lyrics describe the various prisons that we find ourselves in due to lack of time. Nothing in the world is guaranteed, but the fear. This message powers the yearning and longing vocal sweeps that masterfully articulate the flight of time and the impermanence of life. The only way to liberate yourself is to dive into each moment and expand it with happiness, love, adventure, and life.

Full of soul and heart, the track comes alive every time you listen to it. Reminiscent of Marvin Gaye, the expressive vocals carry the song and brings it into being.

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