Naked Face is an Australian electro-pop duo with an affectation for an anthemic sound. Headed by Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Slik and Luke House on Bass guitar, the outfit is dedicated to contouring moods with sonic lines. Known for their effervescent soundscapes, rained on by torrential synths and pulsing beats, Naked Face is not just a sound, but a feeling. In their latest single, Eyes In Love, Naked Face explores the experience of addiction and its aftermath. Inspired by Slik’s own suffering relationship with opioids and tumulus love, the song’s high sound beams are incredibly liberating. 

The track has a sectioned sound with melodic pop at the forefront and edgy electro sound in the background. Dance beats hook into pulsing basslines and flashing synths to form rotating rhythms. This hyperactive sphere feeds on the smooth emotion in the vocals to amplify its impact. And together, the two halves unite to elevate the mind, body and soul. 

The duo debuted in 2020 with Beach Punk. The impact of their music was profound enough to boost them to #1 on the Triple J unearthed. The next two releases received similar reactions and a prime seat in the Australian EDM/ electro-pop scene. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Eyes In Love by Naked Face here –