Nana Kottens can transport you places with his easygoing vibe, He creates an impressive case of love and longing with his songs, with positive undertones. There is a love for arrangement and meticulous detail in his music as well. This is his latest single, One More Chance.

The highlight of One More Chance remains in the instrumental blending in so smoothly with the vocals. Nana Kottens has a unique voice and tonal pitch, there is a suave detail to the way her performs the song. This is another song about longing, love and heart-on-your-sleeve moment. The opening instrumental guitar section is performed ridiculously well, quite often something which sets the tone for the song’s execution and feel. He then continues through the verse all the way to the addictive chorus, which is the song title as well. There is no doubt about why his songs stand out, the emotion is raw and felt while performing and writing these kinds of brilliant lyrics down.

Promoting African artists as well as coming to the fore with this kind of music, it is Nana’s aim to create a platform for the disenfranchised. There are moments where you realize what he has achieved in supporting his community. His artistic talent is also seen in his singles such as Mama Don’t Give Up, Say No and a handful of others. Listen to this pioneer and musician’s artisan gem here: