The National Park Radio has a majestic sound. Its fierce passion and powerful spirit leap out of the contours of sonic and burrow into the soul. Led by Stefan Szabo, the band is all about harnessing the essence of life and the magnitude of nature to create emotional euphonic wonders. Based in Arkansas, the outfit specializes in indie-folk compositions that exhilarate the mind, break hearts, and bandage the soul. In their new release, Wander, National Park Radio explores the acute feeling of aimlessness.

The track paints a portrait of freshness with lyrical allusions to the insurmountable beauty of mountains and rivers. Inspired by their deep-seated roots in the Ozark Mountains, the well-crafted track brims with profound perspectives and mesmerizing epiphanies that are usually evoked by the immutable wonders of nature. The misty soundscape takes on dreamy proportions as the lofty vocals pierce through with weighted emotion and sensitivity. It tears through the mind and makes itself felt!

Although dominated by folk elements, the track is infused with marked channels of alt-country sensibilities and blues rock. The tremendous beats drum up the experience and emotion of the song, making it bigger and bigger. So if you’ve lost your sense of self and can’t find home, come wander the wild with the reviving sound of National Park Radio.

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