Have you ever met a person who is an orb of shining light bobbing amidst a sea of people? And when their light washes over you, life becomes forever changed. Soul-stirring melodies can also be life-changing. Noon’s brand of orchestral pop is known to do just that. Bring out the Sunshine by Nick Noon is the a-side of his double single. The b-side track, Costumes boasts a dramatic musical flair with fantastic festivity and a carnival of instruments.

Sweeping violins waltz across the soundscape, drawing out the magic of Noon’s acoustic baritones. With ridiculously beautiful transitions, the track is inflated with soothing harmonies and violins, warm acoustics, and guitar melodies. The build-ups make for an emotional continuum and are realized in graceful arcs of percussion. And every crescendo flows into a river of elating melodies that just fill you up.

When considering the composition and arrangement, it is impossible to miss the artist’s uncanny ability to tap into the emotions of melodies. Like the storming guitar solo in the middle and the vibrant musical coalescence in the outro. The artist has an inimitable talent with which he creates musical raptures that words cannot make sense of.

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