Nashville, Tennessee-based artist, Nick Noon, has just released his latest single, Costumes. The rising multi-genre artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter revives us with his fantastic splashes of music. Its zealous instrumentation and glorious vocals create a carnival of emotions.

Basslines drawn out of the guitar and cello drill into the track. While the guitar bass vibes with the tempo set by the metallic jingles of the tambourine, the cello creates a transfixing floor of resounding bass. This novel blend of classical styles with rock elements manifests in many ways throughout the track.

Piercing baritone vocals amplify the bass, beautifully patterned and textured. Choir harmonies break up the intensity in the chorus just as an addictive drum beat boosts the energy to an exhilarating high. Like a kid being thrown into the sky, the track’s punching beats and aggressive tempo climbs, toss us into the freedom of the clouds when we least expect it.

Dancing synths, emotional violins, electric guitars, passionate vocals, and lively beats come together to form a euphoric and liberating orchestra. The artist uses acoustic and retro trumpet to beautifully transition between song segments. You can immediately gauge the skill of the artist and eye for details.

Defiantly histrionic, the track adorns many a mask and wig, jewels and clothes. Ending the song with an all-feeling cello and violin melody, the artist leaves us with a bittersweet feeling that comes at the end of a festive day.

Listen to Costumes by Nick Noon here –