Nick Teale will tell tales of lore. When you ask, he’ll sing you more. This talented singer-songwriter creates a wave of emotion with his crafted melodies and scripted sonnets. His single with Skipping Stone is his latest release. This one is called Sail On. 

I, too, was reminded, of the Commodores’ song by the same name. Expecting it to be a cover, I was pleasantly surprised. Nick Teale uses his baritone to take us to a time that has passed. His words, too, paint this pretty picture of the path being taken. Like a sailor at sea, you can see whatever he does, if you close your eyes. The simple strumming of the guitar with his voice allows laser focus to fall on the words he sings. It is eternally beautiful, precious to listen to his mindful capturing of this imagination. Almost makes it too real, this fable that he says with a message to keep on rambling on. Echoing remnants of this time, his modulation is another thing that falls to effect. Controlled and precise, he has a dynamic range that shows in this song particularly well. 

His 2022 album Still in Limbo is worth exploring as a tale of finding oneself. Nick Teale also has a single called Angel Wings from earlier this year, which is surreal to listen to. Listen to his song here and follow him for more like this!