Nilka is a singer-songwriter and artist who embraces the imperfections and randomness of the human condition. Informed by spiritual sensibilities and a magical mind, her music creates a beautiful world, a beautiful perspective. Weaving in autobiographical details into mystical fiction, Nilka sings her unique song. The artist has just released a seven-track album called Sacred. In many ways, this poetic album inspires a wakefulness and clarity. Taken from this album is the track, New World, in which Nilka delivers her brand of folk music flavored electro-pop. 

The track has a whimsical rhythm, dictated by airy finger-plucking and reciting vocals. Gradually layered with a bed of harmonies and shimmering synths, it rolls into a bright soft pop chorus. Earthy folk beats and scattering glass melodies loop back into the verse, before being lifted into a mellow R&B sphere. This seamless unity of diverse styles not only speaks to the artist’s virtuosic skill but also her individualistic style and creative vision. 

The artist has a profound artistic presence, simple, yet diverse, alluring and refreshing. She first debuted her art in 2017 with O Come, O Come, Emmanuel and has since released ten singles and an album. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to New World by Nilka here –