Nishy is an alt-soul artist with a grand lo-fi eloquence. Her characteristic lo-fi sensibilities are cultivated using emotionally intuitive sounds, drawing from electro pop, R&B, and funk. They come together to form a gleaming string of melody. Nishy has just released her debut EP, Memories From A Vinyl, featuring the “EP Version” of her debut single, Can’t Sleep. 

Cast in a sultry and seductive sound space, the low tonal melodies are shaped into romantic gloom. Crackling with the vinyl sound, the arching effect of the song is one of nostalgia. Time and Romance make up the two-pronged theme. And Nishy develops them with wondrous grace. But most of the charm is contained in the matchless vocal delivery.

It is uninhibited; a near-perfect form of sensual and self expression. The lust and passion in the lyrics is elevated by the deliberate vocal raspiness before fading into wispy dreams. Adorned by monotonal melody motifs and glassy beats, its silky copper gold folds slip across the mind, leaving a hypnotic miasma in its wake. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Can’t Sleep from the Memories From A Vinyl EP by Nishy here –