Noel Johnson (NDJ) can make mesmerizing moments with very little. His songs are trips that are an omnidirectional haze, objectively catchy. This is his latest single, Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride. This is where you revisit the party without ever having attended it.

The aura of the track is in the synth play and vocals. The vocals seem to be a processed baritone, almost makes the illusion of time slowing down. There is a hierarchy in which you hear the audio, it is truly gripping yet relaxing. The beat is a mellow allegro-we don’t see it rush in any place. If this is a musical carousel, you’ve got the best seats. Noel Johnson also makes sure the production is nailed to the T, we have no dull moments and the synth pulls and flares are read just as clear as they were meant to be.

His most popular track is So Out of Style, and he’s had quite the journey, in life and music. He allows both to inspire each other, and that’s how he makes music that latches on to your conscience. There are more than one way where Noel Johnson and his compositions will visit your dreams and titillate your psyche. Listen to the track here.