The French, Monaco-based singer-songwriter and musician, Olla follows her hit debut single, Monte-Carlo with Prana. Her refined sonic style and chic sophistication leads her to ambient pop arrangements that are fresh and light. This track is weaved out of glassy strings, mellow beats, shining acoustics, and of course, the crowning jewel, Olla’s vocals. Listeners of Ellie Golding, Kelly Clarkson, and the like are sure to enjoy the uplifting sentiment of this track.

Prana literally translates to life in Sanskrit. With this song, Olla builds a utopia of positivity, healing, and revival. Its luminous soundscape flares out like a giant light that you can aspire to become a part of. Olla’s silky vocals stream through a web of lilting guitar sounds and winking piano melodies. Harmonies roam the backdrop like a fresh breeze. All in all, listening to the track is like immersing into a cool blue sea. It is a smooth high that leads the listener to a refreshing epiphany, a boost almost! “It is all around you, Prana.” So get ready and well to escape the shadow of doubt and see the sky without clouds.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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