Olly Lagemann is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. His music is a living band of emotions that curve, pulse, and pass through you until you’re ringing with it. So honest and authentic are his renditions that each one of his tracks reveal a part of him. ‘Under White Ceiling’ is the artist’s latest single. It is touched by the arenas of post-punk, neo-classicals, and bluesy rock. In the throes of orchestral violins, winking keys and dazing guitar melody, a sphere of contemplation opens up. It is remarkable how, with just lines of instrumentation, he ushers the listener to a fluid state of melancholy and gloom.

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The beauty of this composition is that it only has an emotional theme. Which means, the listener can personalize it to suit a context relevant to them. Gliding through the crunchy riff shavings and the swell of mournful synths, it is both buoyant and dense like a Carlos Santana song. Shined with the same coat of swirling blues, the contemplations spiral into a hypnotic plane until you’re cradled by a numbing helix of sound. Listen Now!

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