Just a snippet of the artist’s album, ‘Looking Forward To Looking Back – A Decade of Only Child’, the self-titled track flows with a fragile grace that breaks your heart. Emotional and personal, the track is just a small peak into the artist’s rich catalog of music. With emotional flows and all-feeling vocals, the track is heart-warming to say the least.

Tugging at your heartstrings, the acoustic lead, and guitar are gentle and soothing. Enveloping us in a quaint sense of grace and humility, the artist takes us on a journey of his childhood. An endless string of nostalgia nourishes our minds and expands our hearts.  The tender emotions bleed all over the track and evoke a mountainous peace.

Drenched in country blues, the simple baritone vocals have a devastating effect. A profound beauty emerges from the soundscape and overwhelms us with its purity and innocence. A pained joy, inspired by the majesty of the world and all of its goodness, ebbs out of us. The slow rise of the violin melodies laps at the vocals like an orchestral ocean. Blooming with melancholy, the violins trace outlines of memories and misty feelings.

The track dissolves soft pain into golden sunshine and mystical happiness. Evoking the deepest emotions that cannot be explained but only felt deeply, Only Child portrays a delicate balance of delight and gloom.

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