Born in France, Ostarè has always found her expression in music and dance. As a shy child, she used singing and song-writing as an escape from reality. Now, she uses it to inspire people to carve out their own individual realities by looking deep down inside themselves and finding their inner child. She explores a similar theme in her single Show’em What You’ve Got (2022) and in her latest release Deep Down. 

With electronic beats and echoing details, the song begins with passionate vocals, made playful with a web of background sighs and synthetic echo voices. Throughout the song, the artist affirms the strength contained in our inner child and encourages us to look deep down for that’s where the gold is. The chorus is punctuated by progressive beats that circles the music and shapes it into trippy concentric circles.

The background is an dance music cycle that gives the song an undeniable groove energy. The bridge is an extension of the chorus with more synthetic overlapping dripping beats and energetic drums that add a jolly energy to the song.

The song is a musical reminder to expand our minds and delve into ourselves to find our inner child. An inspiration to mine wisdom and freedom from within ourselves is the message we all need. 

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Jio Saavn!

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