Parker is the musical moniker of Gold Coast-based singer-songwriter and artist, Sam Lethbridge. Under the banner, Sam fleshes out the magic and nostalgia of the indie, rock, pop, and surf genres. Drenched in soul and blues and presented with avid sonic arrangements, Sam’s work has a stamp of enviable uniqueness and authenticity. In his song, Melancholy Way, Parker employs warm sound pallets loaded with fuzzy textures and misty melancholy. 

The track is led by the molten tendrils of luminous guitar melody. In the backdrop, the resonant riffs and beats blossom with hazy hyperactivity. Sam’s smooth baritones rise with a buoyant gloom. He further adds texture and personality with acoustic strings, building it up with vivacious beats. The surf elements show up in the lines of earwormy guitar melodies that carry us through the eclectic frames of the song. 

It seems that the artist has an innate talent for crafting alluring soundscapes. His conspicuous talent was recognised and awarded the first plan in the 2019 Mullumbimby Music Festival under 15 Youth Mentorship. Despite being so young, his interpretation of emotions and representation of self is not only mature but elegant and refreshing. And as a passionate advocate for mental health, he often features related themes in his brand of poetic surrealism. 

The track is available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Melancholy Way by Parker here –