Percy Higgins promises to bring back psychedelic rock the drug fueled magic it brings. As a one-man project, you have to respect the kind of layers this musician is working with. If this was a whole band jamming, you could still see how it all came together. This is a miracle worker. This is his debut single, Quiet Table Power. 

Don’t question it, I don’t know the answer as well. The title of the song fades away and is probably the last thing you think about when the song starts. The rubber band riff is so cool and muddy, that gets stuck in the back of your head for a while. The groove flails into this classy, well crafted pocket where the verse lives. If you think you’re in the chorus, that’s because you are. The running lead elements will leave you confused, as all good psychedelic rock should. The funk however does live in this song because of the classy bass line. Dissonant chords are a good idea for a song like this, for it bridges what is going to become the second act. If you’re wondering what genre you entered with, leave it to Percy Higgins. If you were on a trek, you ended up skydiving.

His latest single called Half a Can of Cold Custard is out now. As exciting and deranged as this single, this is spice to your life you didn’t even know the name of. Listen to Percy Higgins below and follow him for more!: