Pete Rango is incredibly low-key. With his sound focused on elevating levels of consciousness, his tracks are tuned to lo-fi frequencies. Listening to his music is like journeying into abstract worlds of emotion weaved in with magic, and fantasy. For his single, Breakdown, Pete Rango collaborated with fellow artist and musician, Elle Symone. The track is a mellow blend of funk, soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, and smooth rap. 

The track is built on a hyperactive beat base. Its hip-hop construction pairs nicely with the booming bass in the backdrop. Cruising acoustics sail across the soundscape, with pockets of echoes embedded in them. The vocals roll with swag and emotion. Its raspy timbre stretches with visceral expression, and in that deliver an impactful performance. Listeners of SZA and Janelle Monae are sure to enjoy this downtempo neo-soul showcase. 

The track, first released as a single in late February 2023, gave us a peek into Pete’s debut EP, Wild Life, featuring and contribution of Elle Symone and CAS. He first debuted in 2021 with KIKI and has since released six singles, an EP and an album. 

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