Phonix can make joy infectious. It always is, but he has a way with words and melodies that push through the boundaries of paper and sound. Here we have his latest single, The Little Things. It is an indie rock gem, simple and complete-which leaves you wanting more.

The track has the balance in how the lyrics have an ethereal waltz with the core melody. The vocals are steadfast and certain, almost amplifying the meaning of the lyrics because of how well it is executed. The instruments don’t try to steal from the story, instead both work in tandem to create a joyful piece. Like Tom Petty, Phonix has evolved his sound to create joy with the simple things, as the title of this track states. A deep understanding of progressions and feel allow this artist to create magic out of seemingly nothing.

His previous release is called I’m the One. Also, a short, sweet track-it showcases his instrumental prowess and creative limits, which he is always willing to test. There are a lot of builds and creative transitions, his love for blending the chorus and foreshadowing it in certain ways is a unique way of making music-a lost art in some ways.