Piper Cole is the wonderful horizon where traditional styles meet contemporary presentations. The Vancouver-based singer-songwriter crafts experimental soundscapes that breathe into you. Laced with lavish electro-folk sensibilities, the artist uncovers matchless perspectives on universal themes. In her latest single, Oh Honey, Piper Cole puts on a mystical acoustic showcase that reverberates with the celestial. 

Since the release of her debut EP, Wildish in 2019, the artist has captured souls with her sophisticated musicianship. Even her single, Soul Eyes (2021) swells out of the Ethereum. 

The track is a natural evocation. The melodies soar with immutable truths and fresh epiphanies that are reminiscent of sunset skies. And its enigmatic expanse is endlPiper Cole – Oh Honey ess as it connects the known, unknown, and unknowable. The song puts us in a ruminative trance. It’s like watching the waves crash ashore continuously, leaving a watermark against the sky. 

It is a dream combination of acoustic folk instrumentation with swishing synths, classical flows, and effervescent vocals. Naturalistic themes escape like butterflies from the folk beat structure. It is paired with glassy synth drops that wink and flutter against the lush and radiant instrumentation. 

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music! 

You can listen to Oh Honey by Piper Cole here –