Project 1268 is a musical duo composed of Craig and Haley. Reunited after being separated for a decade, this project was formed in celebration of friendship and combined musical artistry. Combining nostalgic soul styles with folk vocals and old school pop, they tell stories – born from their human experiences that envelope universal themes that resonate with us all. Listeners of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, James Taylor, and the like are sure to enjoy the hearty soundscapes of this duo. In their latest track, Dwelling, Project 1268 explores the concept of space, bending its conventional constructs with the forces of memory, perspective, and wisdom. 

The track has a large acoustic presence. Minimalistic strings of melody and mellow dollops of percussion. This backdrop swells with the velvet song of the saxophone, as Haley’s vocals bloom with a friendly monologue. It inspires us to trace the silver lining that propagates an organic optimism and free hope as a way of thinking and living. Listen Now!

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