Ray Van D has a hauntingly beautiful way of approaching music. He is a true connoisseur of styles, he creates a tone for each kind of song he plays. Yet, by the time you finish listening to him, you know you just heard Ray. He returns to music with an emotional, mysterious track called The Little Girl.

The storytelling ability is at full display here. This is a musician who knows how to balance the instrumental with the kind of sonic texture only an experienced artist could. Ray Van D is an observer in this little girl’s experience, and he explains the surrounding environment. How it impacts her mentally. The tone has a dramatic rendition of styles folding in many ways. As the mystery dissolves, the joy and euphoria breaks through. It is a masterful way of writing a song. Many unnerving chords and arrangements make their way into the song. The whispered lyrics set a sombre scene, as the chorus breaks that mould with a dollop of positivity. You can listen to this song any way, as a musician there are plenty of surprises and as a first time listener, you’re in awe of how he uses instrumentals to create a shift in mood. 

He has a 2018 album called Acoustic Sessions at VBM Records. It is a testament to how he is as a performer, how powerful his songs come across to be. The covers could very well be his, but this original shows what direction his music taste goes. Listen to his single here: