Rebecca Ray also known as Rebecca Vocal Athlete (R. V. A.) is an artist who blurs the lines of reality with her heart-touching music. We have previously covered two of her track here at Good Music Radar. This is an artist who has so much to put out for the world. Her vocals resonate with the warmth of a December bonfire. This is surely an artist who can touch millions of hearts with her music. I was thrilled to discover this artist and her intricate creations, and I have been listening to her on repeat ever since.

The track ‘Do You Know’ is a track that will elevate your mind, heart, and your soul and take you to a whole new realm. Her unique sound is so distinctive and unique that she will surely be enjoyed for decades to come. Her brutal honesty in her lyrics is what makes her stand out from the crowd. The track, ‘Do You Know’ features some amazing keys that set the vibe of the track. ‘Do you know’ is a track that has become something really close to my heart. Beautiful harmonies complement the vivid musical array of the track. The drums are impactful yet subtle to hold up the aura of the song. The melodies are dreamy and a perfect match for the track’s infectious muse. This is a must-listen for all the hopeless romantics out there. You can listen to this beautiful piece of art named ‘Do You Know’ Rebecca Ray (The Vocal Athlete) Down here-