Together by Rebecca Sichon shows off the artist’s signature dazzling blends of Jazz, Soul, and R&B. Reminiscent of Beyonce’s Halo, and Rihanna’s Stay, the artist embellishes the track with her incredibly emotive vocals. It is rich with not only emotions but a musical finesse of the highest order.

Mellow beats and acoustic piano melodies make for a perfect backdrop; allowing the artist to unfetteredly express the contents of her soul. The glamour of the vocals has a cinematic appeal with a drama that gracefully sweeps the expanse of the track. Its delicate lines manifest a world of happy endings that the artist passes on to us. We see subtle lines of acoustic guitar and synth harmonies adding to the velvet folds of the vocals.

The gleam of the vocals emanates the warmth of the full moon, hanging heavily in the sky. Its calming hypnotism washes over us, stills time, and lingers with melancholy. The abstract style and stunning improvisations are truly a musical spectacle that is not to be missed!

Having released more than 11 singles, and two EPs, and performed well over 200 shows, the artist is a star in the making. She has even performed in 20 Sofar Sounds shows, making her an alumnus of the Global Music Phenomenon.

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