Rob Giles is a Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter and film and television writer. The artist has a profound understanding of musical roots and dips into beautiful melodic potions to evoke emotion in his listeners. The listening experience is immersive, deep, and immensely beautiful. Rob Giles has just released his album, ‘Meditation Drive-thru’. Across eleven tracks, he blends storytelling narratives into mellow and feel-good soundscapes. And listening to them one after the other, we are attached to many phases of being human from love, want, heartache, failure, joy, and even faith. Listen Now!

iTunes Artwork for 'Meditation Drive-Thru (by Rob Giles)'

‘Some Stars’ is perhaps the song that perfectly exemplifies the intention of the artist for the album. It is a contemplative spread of melody, poetry, melancholy, and astronomical heartache. We always remember the way people make us feel. With this track, the artist chronicles how someone, in their selfishness and ignorance made him feel small. The buoyancy of the electro-acoustic melodies conveys a welling heartache. While the theme is saddening, Rob Giles brings in accents of healing, perspective, acceptance, and letting go with the luminescent soundscape. Finally, ending the song with ‘Everyone shines like the sun’, he reinstates the beauty and indispensability of us all.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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