Rob Lea has an enchanting voice. It is one of those that is automatically assigned to the lead in a film. His latest single is called Time of My Life, a simple and sweet track with some great songwriting techniques and perfect execution. It is a joyful experience, and a great feel-good song.

With just the simple build and creative wordplay, you can see why this artist gets so many streams. The lyrics are straightforward, but twist like dreams and fictional figments of people’s lives. There is a train of thought that follows straight to the chorus, from where Rob Lea takes you on his own roller coaster journey. The sound is unique and fresh, brings the youth back to songs. It has that summer rock track feel that you would listen to on your cassette till it unravelled into a little spool of tape. This is a song that you’ll play over and over just so you can wish to live such a life. It is a casual invitation to escapism, and the fantasy is that you can choose to visit every time you listen to this song.

Reflection and Summer in the Morning are some of his biggest songs, and for good reason. They linger too close to reality and inspire a mood and lifestyle that some can only dream of. You escape these moments, but forget to reminisce them. He can be found on pretty much every indie playlist on account of his songwriting. Listen to his single here: