Robert Vendetta lives and breathes music. If you check his catalogue, you will find music that is chock-full of experimentation, appreciation and comfort. There is a familiarity in listening to his compositions that soothe you on a psychic level. His latest single is a ballad that will churn your heart. This one is called Fool

There is a set created with minimalism here. It is quite cinematic, the precedent that Robert Vendetta sets. He makes a song become a free flow of his heart, and it is gorgeous to listen to. The way he uses simple but effective transitions to create memorable vocal parts is extremely interesting, and impressive. This song shows how he likes bringing all kinds of styles together. This is the same singer of Vacation, if you will believe. Trying his hand in all forms of art, he makes a Richard Marx like single that will be a favourite in his catalogue for the exciting and memorable single it is.

His album All By His Handsome Self is one that will ring in your mind for the kind of catchy hooks he has put in. It is like listening to a polymaths journal, while he creates things in a state of euphoria and exhilaration. Listen to his beautiful, well crafted magical ballad here and follow him for more music like this, or any kind. He can take you to the edge of the world with his songs: