Born in South Norfolk and based in Bressingham, Robin Shaw is a confessional singer-songwriter. His musical journey began at 16 years when he began competing in local talent shows including Britain’s Got Talent. As a self-taught artist, his work blooms with his individualistic style and sincerity. In his latest single, Yours Sincerely, Robin Shaw lets his memories and thoughts flow into a capsule of piano acoustics. 

The track is vocal driven, powered by the influence of experience and real emotion. Robin’s baritones are delightful cups of tenderness and nostalgia he travels back to the past and writes a personal letter. Seemingly written to an ex lover, the lyrics are littered with fond memories, regret, and apologies. They swirl across the soundscape like autumn leaves. Listeners of Sam Smith, John Legend, and Adele will enjoy the swelling honesty and authenticity of the song. 

Robin’s passion for storytelling truly comes through with this track. In this song, he draws from his own life, rekindling the past with beautiful words. And drenched in mildew romance, he lures us into a reflective mood. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Yours Sincerely by Robin Shaw here –