Robyn Froese is a Canadian singer-songwriter and artist. Using music as a vehicle of autobiography, the artist takes on a soul-folk persona as she journeys through the pockets of her mind. Her discography is speckled with her eccentric interpretations and unique worldviews as does her EP, Wasp Woman and The Haunting of Heatley. In the breakout song, Flies, Robyn Froese uses naturalistic imagery to illuminate our Sisyphean fate. She sings, ‘We go around and around and around the pipe, just waiting for that light (Just like flies).’

It is interesting how the artist marries the luminosity of folk with dark commentaries. In Flies, the somber narrative of the existential despair and desperation is expressed with glinting guitar acoustics and glassy banjo lines. And the unpretentious lyricism comes alive in Robyn’s visceral vocals; its throaty textures underpinned with wrenching soul styles. 

The artist debuted her brand of existential-folk music in 2021 with Bored Together. In 2022, she teased the release of her EP in 2023 and released two singles, Heavy and Wretch Like Me. 

The album is available on streaming sites like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Flies from the Wasp Woman and The Haunting of Heatley album by Robyn Froese here –