Romain Gutsy has just released his new single The Girl From Kerry. The Lo-Fi soothing jazz lifts off a retro canvas full of nostalgia and romance. The French-born singer-songwriter and musician started his career in the 90s, playing accordion with French bands as Les Affamés, or being guitarist in the Celtic band Daffy Plays Mandola. He also played with more famous chaps such as the Grammy award winner alt-Rock band Soul Asylum and American singer Calvin Russel. The artist writes songs like soul poetry.

The mellow-jazz track is full of romance and passion, descendants of the moon and stars. Its minimalistic composition makes for an elegant showcase of its complex theme. Reminiscent of vintage love stories and rainy days in Paris, the melodies and the vocals take their sweet time to settle into the track. With acoustic piano melodies humoring the hopelessly romantic vocals, we are immediately taken to it.

The listening experience of the song is like looking at a painting in terms of its artistic expression and vibe. Its European style and vintage allure, dramatic flair, and glamor make for a lovely listening experience. Peppy beats pick up the tempo making it perfect to swing to. And, that is exactly what the piano and string melodies do. The seamless transitions and progressions that we see henceforth are just beguiling.

Grinding and pumping, the trumpets become the life of the party as they march into the track with light and love. An instant mood upper, the jiving jazz is a treat to the ears.

Listen to The Girl From Kerry by Romain Gutsy here –