London-based artist and singer-songwriter, Roxy Rawson shows off her dreamy vocals in her new single, Running Up That Hill. This single is markedly different from her previous releases in terms of style, texture, and vision. The anti-folk and jazz/funk artist takes the spotlight with willed vocals.

Mystical leaves of vocals and ethereal synths create a smoky canvas. The flowing whispers of the synths are reminiscent of the breezing winds. Rawson builds dreamy castles in the air with this unique soundscape. The artist uses her flair for vocal histrionics to create an incredible cinematic appeal. And what makes this commendable? The sparse soundscape.

The minimalistic composition sees only vocal flourishes. And boy! Are they magnificent? We see some acoustic piano melodies mixed into the synth echoes. But, apart from that, the weight of the song is borne only by the vocals. The artist treats us to a powerful octave play that reveals the devastating theme of the track. Its whirlwind of emotions works up a soul storm that is earth-shattering.

The artist draws heavily from her earlier classical musical influences to bring out the tragic romance of the track. And witnessing the depth of the artist’s vocal cavity is a captivating experience.

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