Ryan Yingst is a singer-songwriter, performer, and producer from Nashville, Tennessee. His tracks are often genre diverse, cycling through folk, rock, jazz, soul, and pop to form beautiful gradients of sound. He arranges them in lilting spirals, giving us subtle glimpses that glint under the nostalgic light of his baritones. His latest single, Please Don’t Burn The Sage makes for a classic Ryan Yingst listening experience. With vivid imagery, sway of stories, and dreamy vocals, it is one of the best. Listeners of Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, and Sufjan Stevens are sure to enjoy the dulcet tones and enchanting worlds of this artist.

The track opens with molten swirls of blues guitar, textured with the sound of crackling records. It sets the tone and timeline for the song. Glassy acoustics sprinkle gold dust on the artist’s sweet vocal curtains. Screens of accordions and pulsing synths leave imprints of sentiment that act as beautiful stencils of human experience. These small details transform the story with inarticulate feelings that can only be understood by the human heart. Listening to the song is like traveling on a train as it’s enjoyable rhythm makes a perfect vehicle to experience the country breeze, folk frames, shimmering leaves of synths, and melodious pop.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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