Sadie Nix is a singer-songwriter and artist with a refined musical flourish. Delving into the folds of her experiences, she emerges with autobiographical compositions that are endearing in their honesty and soothing in their design. With a strong vocal lead, she drives affectingly into the emotional psyche. In her new single, Oblivious, Sadie Nix resigns to the melancholy of unrequited love. Stringing acoustics into the blossoming vocals, she shapes the track into a touching country parlance.

The artist’s emotive vocals are the song’s best ornament. She complements it with gossamer thread of acoustics to create a soothing euphonic spread. Echoing choral harmonies and fuzzy basslines dimensionalize the soundscape. Listeners of early Taylor Swift and Adele are sure to enjoy the musical swells of Sadie.

The artist wears her heart on her sleeve. Her openness carries delightfully into her music as is evident from her discography. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable. Inspired by her experiences, memories and truths, Sadie crafts songs with refreshing perspectives. Her sophisticated skill and mature representations indicate towards an innate talent. With three songs released in under a year, the artist is making up for time lost!

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Oblivious by Sadie Nix here –