Said Sara is a consummate singer-songwriter with a penchant for prose. Very few artists give such aligned attention to lyrics and their consequent impact. With instrumentals that accompany and aid rather than share the spotlight, this is one musician you should watch out for. This is his latest single, Same.

In instances, you’ll hear him sift through a Nick Drake and Tom Petty acoustic style. The advantage of acoustic is the special attention to the lyrics, not playing second fiddle to the extravagant instrumentals sometimes. Said Sara lets the rich guitar strums pepper the melody that the verse holds. It is a song for longing, love and raw emotion. There is a vivid splotch of colour the guitar carries, the unorthodox accompanying style making for an exciting backflow. Maybe it comes from the strain of being a death metal drummer, approaching instruments through the primary. Whatever said and done, the result is exciting and honest. 

His popular songs like I Star As You and the self-titled EP have opened a lot of genre doorways. Though soothing and original, you’ll hear the arms of his reach spread in many directions. Listen to his single and follow him here: