Sano Hill is an Irish singer-songwriter and rock artist with stories and worldviews that readily absorb into the soul. Influenced by artists like David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello to Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, U2 and Radiohead, his work has a distinct retro flavor. And much like the artists of the era, his work is driven by a social consciousness that seeks to enlighten and inspire. In his latest single, Time Out, Sano Hill delves into the intricacy of time and tide of nostalgia, cultivating it into a rich scape of melodic rock and its acoustic accessories. Listen Now! 

The track is dressed in the golden drizzle of acoustic riffs that is rounded with emotion by Sano’s passionate baritones. You can see the imprints of Bowie in his vocals and lyrical plays, Bob Dylan in the ruminative consciousness, and the charisma of Elvis Costello. With gradual rock progressions, the soundscape expands with electric riffs, slapping beats, and resonant melodies. 

Sano debuted in 2022 with single, ‘The Climb’ and has since developed a striking portfolio that speaks to his credence as as artist and his appeal as a human. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Time Out by Sano Hill here –