Post rock fans rejoice. Another refreshing track comes from Saves The Witch. With a meditative, ringing surround that shifts feel quicker than UK their PM, this song rocks through and through, like the beautiful experiment it is. This is the latest single, She Dances With Knives.

Equal parts dangerous and aggressive, there is a registration of fear and intrigue when this track opens. Developing from a simple instrumental guitar part looped, it shifts tone to a heavy, sludge based tone that is masterfully executed. If there is a return to the previous loop, it is because you need to be lost in the haze before returning home. The homing beacon changes shape this time, with a rocking, full-fledged metal attack, and intensely creative solo. The tones used in the song are worth thinking about, they create a beautiful core and soul that is difficult to even contemplate. If the danger is dancing with knives, it’s the dance to the death.

Saves the Witch is the brainchild of a multi-instrumentalist, Eric Maynes. Wearing many masks, he creates the tracks from inspirations taken from metal, hard rock, shoegaze and blues undertones. The music is exciting and often times leads to pleasant surprises. The songs define their boundaries by exploration and creation, so go in with a blank mind. Return with it blown. Listen to the single here: