Shadowbanned resurrect retro pop and transform it with layers of multi-genre influences that range from jingle rock, country, acapella, contemporary pop, and swing rhythms. Witness the harmonic layers of Shadowbanned in their latest single, I Want To Walk You Home. They use the sweet sentiment of the theme to transport us back to a time when The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Ronettes were reigning. It casts a pronounced vintage allure that you never want to shake off. Listen Now! 

The track’s rhythm stem is at the core of this feel-good song as the band uses it to segue into engaging enclosures. Claps and rock beat motifs form the bedrock and springing from this base are infinite harmonies, shiny riffs, and passionate baritones. It has that perfect summer love vibe, with its unrelenting warmth and romance. 

Shadowbanned is led by producer/songwriter Chris Sizemore who is joined by vocalists and musicians from across the world. He debuted the banner in 2022 and has since released a litany of songs that will effortlessly inspire a happy mind and hearty spirit.  

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to I Want To Walk You Home by Shadowbanned here –