Shadowbanned is the musical moniker of songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Chris Sizemore. Devoted to musical innovation, his canvasses are a rich euphonic feat that elates the psyche. And under this banner, Chris unites versatile artists and diverse styles to create genre-bending and experimental weaves of music. This is apparent in Shadowbanned ‘s brand new EP release, Who Knows Where It Goes? featuring Abby Strickland.

The five-song EP is a wonder in disguise. An acoustic wonder that is opened by the title track and its Radio Edit version. The track is a luminous river that flows with the river of time. It is an eternal campaign of nostalgia exhibited by the bonded lines of melodies.

Layered to perfection, the acoustic strings, and folk instrumentation are juxtaposed with lines of electric guitar, and blossoming synths. And the progression is commendable. The seamless transitions lead the twinkling acoustics into a dreamy world of synth-pop. With a plenary of natural themes coalescing within this dynamic fabric, the harmonious alignments are wholesome. Abby’s emotive vocals gracefully guide these harmonies to their emotional destiny.

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You can listen to Who Knows Where It Goes by Shadowbanned featuring Abby Strickland here –