Shanelle Rudrigo is a young rising star. Her portfolio consists of covers-acoustic and otherwise, of popular songs. This is her latest single, Don’t Mess with me. For someone who has just started out, she is able to hold her own pretty well. Also, she’s 13, and she’s made some pretty impressive steps in music.

This track has a unique mix, where Shanelle Rudrigo has her vocals clean. The mix allows her vocals to be heard above all. The instrumentals are standard pop, something which builds to a chorus and drops. She is able to pull off some pretty impressive vibratos. Using her innocent vocals, it can be lauded how she uses the dynamics to cover the parts where she’s showing some dominance. Her age renders her vocals pretty thin and not polished in a traditional sense, but it is a start for someone who is passionate about music. A massive fan of great pop music, she has covered Olivia Rodrigo and Gayle with her covers. She can also boast impressive streams for her cover of abcdefu and Driver’s License.

She has a great foundation for someone who has just started out. Already featured in 3 indie playlists, she is sure to garner more fans with this track. Though a lot of layers and polishing can come from mastering and production, it is refreshing to hear performances where it is the true voice of the singer on display. Her efforts are impressive, creating a buzz around how it will mature and create a conducive environment for her to pursue her passion. Listen to her single here and support her: