A perfect mix of drama and musical exploration is possible. Silja Rós is the personification of this kind of wavering light-with melodic vocals and lush, minimal instrumentals. This is her latest track, Lie Just To Lie. 

With the instrumental intro itself, we see the kaleidoscope of possibilities. Like a glitter bomb, Silja Rós makes her entrance using the impeccable control she has via her vocals. The tenacity of the lyrics and flow is ascertained with this performance, she takes the stage with elegance. The instrumentals lie low, creating the background of the savannah so that the lioness can roar. The palette is rich with the way she touches the high notes, and cruises through the verses. There is a truth to the moment and experience that is laced through the lyrics. Life looks you right in the eye to create a mirrored moment that has so much of an impact in the song.

Her album Stay Still has some of the best singer-songwriter performances I;’ve heard in 2021. Her control of the narrative and commitment to performance remain her strongest suit. Furthermore, her 2022 has this masterpiece as a release, we hope to hear more from this fantastic artist. Just like her song releases in 2021, we can’t wait to read more from the journal of Silja Rós. Listen to her single here: