Simone G is an entrepreneur who is also the founder of BalanceUp Community. She recently collaborated with Christina Wells, who has been on America’s Got Talent to release “Courage to Be You,” which is performed by Christina. Together, with the help of Christina’s amazing energy, they turned Simone’s message of love into a powerful piece. The way this artist made her debut with such an amazing track blows my mind. This song represents elite musical skills that are so beautifully blended with some exquisite lyricism.

I was amazed when I first discovered this track. The track is about how to keep going and it is important to make an impact, no matter big or small. All that matters is the love that we share and the way we care. This beautiful message is delivered with a lot of impacts. The track packs some amazing melodies and drums that are soulful and vocals that are deep and crystal clear. The vocal modulations give depth to the whole composition. The track’s chorus is addictive and catchy. It latches on to your tongue instantly. The way this track is carried is remarkable. The track has some deep messages that deserve to be heard by the masses. Her music can surely make this world a better place. Do give this track a go and trust me you will be filled up with motivation!

Catch a little glimpse of the track, Courage to Be You by Simone G and Christina Wells here-