SJ Denney is a UK-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumental with a new single, The Art of the Possible that is bewildering and beautiful. Taken from his latest album, The Moods That Follow, this track is the perfect breakout song.

Using nature sounds, the calming folk-acoustic flows with a shining serenity. The circling loop of the guitar casts a golden spell. There’s melancholy, nostalgia, hope, and wisdom on how to live and love. Its simplistic writing and mellow appeal slow the rush of the world and put us in tune with our rhythm and mind. A tight bass loiters around the immersive riffs as they filter through the vocals.

The husky vocal texture wonderfully pulls the song together. The melodies float into it and dissolve into its pores; a transfixing unity that makes it all a single entity. So when one element tones up, all of them adapt around it with graceful harmony. A velvet layer of emotive violins is carry the entity to the next level, an elegant transition.

Reminiscent of the soothing chillness of clouds passing through us, sweet feminine harmonies balance out the masculine tonalities of the song. Serenading trumpet melodies emerge from a bed of violins and self-playing synth keys. Ascending, climbing, rising, and soaring to wonderful salvation, melancholy dissolves into a delicious pain that aches and soothes at the same time.

Available on Gaana, Spotify, and YouTube Music!

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