The appeal of Sparkbird is in the surrender of their artistic process to whimsy and experimentation. Grounded in human emotion and experience, the artist embarks on new and creative sonic adventures. And each track bears witness to this. In their latest single, Envy, Sparkbird / Stephan Nance sets forth a parlance of folk-jazz, neoclassicals, and soul-pop.

The track is a dalliance between playful exploration, rumination, and deep emotion. They use rhythmic indicators to convey the mercurial weaves of the song. It opens with jazz piano melodies, progressively layered with earthy folk beats, and pulsing flutes. This changing backdrop creates beautiful sonic illusions that are cerebrally appealing. Alongside the imagery and frames that the vocals evoke, the track is not your average composition.

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It is intentionally tailored with layers of intricate details and features. This specific artistic vision is seemingly designed to expose us to the dilated nuances of the theme – its pungency, lunacy, solitude, and ultimately, a tragic Shakespearean madness. Listen Now!

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