Stephan Nance a.k.a Sparkbird is back with another blooming, folk-themed sonicspace. Their use of naturalistic melodies, embellished by romantic themes and sentiment is reinforced especially by this release. In their latest release, I Am Not a Stranger Here, Sparkbird cultivates simplistic imagery with sweet sentiment, spoonfuls of nostalgia, and submerged melancholy. They are a modern-day Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen type, devoted to diving into the intricacies of living and experiencing the world as human beings.

The track opens with glassy melodies. Its buoyancy and lingering tone sets the stage for the track’s mood. Aligned with its texture, the acoustics that follow are light and luminescent. Underlined by fleshy violins and soft temperament, Stephan narrates a tale about finding a home in a person, tracing it with dreamy accents and endearing tenderness. Melodies flow free and unfettered, frolicking through the sweet vocal frames. It is impressive how the artist uses a dazed and monotonal pallet to portray happiness with surreal dimensions. As we listen to it, we become wakeful to the profoundness of the emotion, our hearts welling with vicarious gratitude and gentleness.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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