Sparkbird is the mellow pop, modern-classical, and neo-soul moniker of singer-songwriter, Stephan Nance. With their new song, Silent Film, Sparkbird compels a slice-of-life aesthetic that is reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens and Joni Mitchell. Their sound is characterized by the pronounced use of orchestral instrumentation that sweeps us off our feet.

The track has a rhythmic piano ostinato that leads the soundscape to magical dimensions. Cello melodies ooze like warm honey, accentuating the emotive depth of the vocals. The tender vocal leap agilely to scale the valleys of swirling classical melodies with an aching romance. We also see several nature themes, that arch across the song with wispy freshness. And as the song slips into the folds of time, it leaves an aftertaste of melancholy; its intensity manifesting in the space between moments past and present.

The artist debuted in 2021 with their single, Minor Holiday featuring reputed musicians like Mathias Kunzli, Yeod Nir, Jeni Magana, Lisa Parrott, and Greta Gertler. But their songwriting and performance date back several years to their childhood. Since 2017, the artist has toured and performed globally in Japan, the UK, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russian, and Italy! Nance lives in Portland with their Senegal parrot, Georgie, and Yellow-naped parrot, Fred.

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