Sparkbird aka Stephan Nance crafts their sonic self-portrait with this latest single, ‘Sparkbird’. With this song, they try to capture the captivating and curious hobby of birding. They use a wealth of instrumental patterns and textures to emulate the chirps, tweets, cheeps, warbles, and twitters of birds. To listen to the song is to be exposed to a lushness of imagination, passion, nature, and so much color. It presents like an adventure through the wilderness, where enchanting creatures are encountered at every nook and corner.

iTunes Artwork for 'Sparkbird - Single (by Sparkbird)'

The artist is known for their unique brand of folk, brandished with qualities of whimsy, quirk, and theatrics. This release is a cinematic swirl of acoustics, orchestrals, performative vocals, and visual lyricism. They craft the song to cradle the magic in reality. The flutes, violins, piano acoustics, and beats all intuitively swim into each other, infusing their sentiment into the vocals. And they all progressively swell, impregnated with the wonder of nature, excellent storytelling, and insightful production. It is chamber folk at its finest, rooted in concept, musical chivalry, and ornate arrangements. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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