Sparkbird is a beguiling musical alter ego of singer-songwriter Stephan Nance. Blending modern classical styles with nostalgic acoustics and naturalistic imagery, their multi-genre sound and musical themes are inspired largely by nature themes. Their music is known to feature their fascination with birds. In their single, Varied Thrush, Sparkbird chronicles their bird watching encounter with the species with ubiquitous charm and engagement. They use bird calls and fun facts to craft a visceral expose. 

The artist debuted with their single, Minor Holiday in 2021 and has since released five singles. Their music has been featured by the National Audubon Society, Birding Magazine, Homoground, and Rock the Pigeon. They have also played and performed in tours across Europe and Japan.

The artist uses a pronounced funk design to characterize the experience of watching and following the song of the Varied Thrush. Warping guitar basslines and matching it with chopping vocals, they infuse a quirky synthesis to the song. And it is built up with warm violins pouring through the canals of funk-pop. Carrying through the screens of baritone harmonies, the track rolls with movement with adventure and passion. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Varied Thrush by Sparkbird here –