Folk is important for the soul. And Stephanie Phillips understands the assignment perfectly. The singer-songwriter, guitarist, and artist delves into the rich emotional quotient of her mind and emerges with beautifully strung folk songs. With storytelling lyricism, nostalgic imageries, and aching blues, the artist portrays frames of human life that are universal and unique at the same time. Most of her work is reminiscent of the Canadian-American artist, Joni Mitchell, especially in how she manifests her artistic vision. Taken from her brand new album, Carousel of Hope, in this song, Twenty-Four Years, Stephanie Phillips recounts the love and life shared with a partner at the time of saying goodbye.

The artist creates a vintage painting with nostalgic grandiose and frames it with glinting strings and acoustic vocals. The artist has sung and played the guitar for as long as she can remember. Having toured and performed all over the United States, including famous clubs in New York City like Village Gate and the Speakeasy. She also opened for EmmyLou Harris in the nineties. Her brand of progressive folk has a home-grown sound that is smitten with human experiences.

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