Music is Steve Pointmeier’s weathervane, his sermon, and his anchor. Immersing himself in its soothing arms of melody, the artist has cured all his maladies. The Sarnia-born singer-songwriter makes music that soothes troubles away and magnifies happiness. Country music is his genre of choice. He uses its soul, blues, and passion as a vehicle for his truth. Blending in with delightful folk acoustics, Steve realizes the true power of the heart. In his new song, Incendiary, Steve Pointmeier tells a wrenching story of a melancholic heart. 

True to its title, the song is populated by bursting melodies. The luminosity of the guitar acoustics and garlands of synths serenade us with their exclaiming freshness. Steve’s warm vocals simmer with the melancholy of the wise, as the acoustic strings branch into molten melodies with trembling accents of the piano. A wisp of harmonica here and there add textures of earthy folk which wraps the melodious song together. 

The Canadian artist puts us in a pastoral state of mind. With his raw country sound and cowboy style, his observations of the human condition are like a breath of fresh air. He debuted in 2017 with two singles, Fishing Instead and Cold Beer Calling Out My Name, and has since released nine singles! To listen to his music is to be touched by life in all its aliveness, glory, and passion. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Incendiary by Steve Pointmeier here –