Alberta-based singer-songwriter and country artist, Steve Pointmeier is known for his brand of warm and uplifting ballads about love, life, and laughter. Weaved in with gossamer lines of wisdom, his tracks come together in ways that are hearty in its sentiment and grounding in its simplicity. In his latest release, Love Don’t Let Me Down, Steve Pointmeier dives into a layered canvas of acoustics, beseeching it for mercy and lifeline. Listen Now! 

The freshness of the glinting canvas and the good-natured baritonal appeal play into each other like a dream. Rustic strings open the song, its rhythmic circuit embellished by frolicking lines of banjo. The upbeat tempo is set simultaneously by the beats, banjo, and flush of electric guitar melodies. And against the golden backdrop, Steve’s burnished vocals sail like a gentle dream, incredibly human and vulnerable. The listener can’t help but identify with the protagonist’s passion for love and his fear of losing it. 

Steve Pointmeier debuted in 1999 with his single, Fishing Instead. He has had 8 full production radio releases since 2016. And 24 total songs on Streaming platforms, each one carrying life-inspired themes that stay with you. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Love Don’t Let Me Down by Steve Pointmeier here –